Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's day ride

We hope all the Dad's out there had a wonderful Father's day. We were thinking about our Dad's that day and I wanted to make sure Aaron had a great first Father's day. We decided to equip the family for family bike rides. This summer is turning out to be a wonderful one weather wise and we wanted to be able to soak it up as much as we can. So we went to Fargo to get a bike for Aaron and a bike trailer so we could pull Miles along.
Miles in the buggy, we have a helmet for him, we just hadn't put it on him yet.
Aaron told me that he thinks the last time he actually owned a bike was in high school! Wow! Well, if he wants to keep up with Mom and Miles this summer we better get him one.
Family's first bike ride together. Many more to come this summer
So we are riding now. Hope to see you all as we cruse by.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Having some summer fun

Well summer is here and we are soaking up the summer sun. You really have to take advantage of the nice days in North Dakota or you might blink and summer will be over.  Miles loves being outside. His daycare provider gets him out when ever she can. We also spend our weekends looking for opportunities to get out. Two weekends ago Grammie Julie visited us and we spent some time in the back yard. We tested out our new splash pool that was an early birthday present from Grandma Kross. We also went to the community pool for a swim, it was packed with all the kids who are out of school. 
Grammie and Miles
Drying off in the sun with Grammie Julie after the splash pool
We have gotten the pool out lots because like I said, you have to get outside any opportunity you get.
Dad and Miles in the splsh pool

Last weekend we went to Kite Fest here in Jamestown. We packed a picnic lunch, put Hayduke in the truck, and had a great time having lunch in the breeze and admiring the kites. This is a fun event they have every year. Something you wouldn't think would draw a lot of people, but it does. People come from all over to show off their kites, and there were some impressive ones. One giant whorly-gig thing, a big teddy bear, a gator, and lots of these little ground kites like a crab and turtle that look like they are crawling along the ground when they catch the wind.
Dad and Miles admiring the kites

Picnic at Kite Fest

Cool fish kites

Turtle ground kite
 We have also had friends over a few times for grilling burgers.
Our friend Henry with the dogs wanting to join the party inside.
So come on up for a visit. It is beautiful here right now. We have lots of room and be sure to bring your bathing suite so you can have a go in the splash pool with Miles. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, we sure are.