Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer time, fun time!

Well, it's September and fall is coming on strong and without warning. We have had a fun filled summer. We have been going to the park regularly after day care and eating frozen treats. Miles keeps growing and I am going to have to get him all new pants for the fall because all his old ones are too short. Alice is adding more and more words to her vocabulary. Like "Minnie Mouse," "cheese"...she loves cheese, and "puppy". They are also starting to fight like siblings. Alice will swipe a toy from Miles, Miles will chase her and grab it back from her, then the crying on both parts begins.
I'd never steal my brother's toys. I love him too much.


We made our big trip to Florida in July and Miles had his first trip to Disney World. We went to the Hollywood Studios park and stayed at the Art of Animation resort. We had a magical time. Miles was amazed at the giant statues of the Lion King characters and The Little Mermaid characters that were along the walk way at the hotel. We had breakfast with the Disney Junior characters and the highlight was Jake!
Handy Manny and our Handy Man.

Can you see the excitement in his eyes? Either that or too much syrup on his Mickey Mouse waffles.


Sophia was really sweet.
Miles LOVED meeting Mater and Lightning McQueen! He was a little disappointed that we met all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters except Donald. Well, maybe next time little guy.

Off to the races.
I think he was so amazed that this was a life sized Lightening McQueen.
Goofy doing the Hot Dog dance for us.

Pluto! He looks kind of like our dog Hayduke.

Jake again, we got to meet him twice. Miles gave him a very long (maybe a little too long) hug.

Mickey was amazed at how tall Aaron is. Taller than Goofy?

Minnie had her own private dressing room.
Aaron got to test out a speeder.
We watched Darth Vader battle some padawans.

Fun on the film canister slide in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play yard.

Army guy. Aaron didn't think there was a real person in this costume.

Ending a fun day with a Mickey Mouse cupcake. Delicious!

Oh Eric! This was just one of the statues at our hotel. This was one of the smaller ones.
Alice spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa Kross at the hotel. They played at the pool and took naps. It was a great day for them.

We then spent some time at Grandma and Grandpas house and Aaron and I went down to Delray Beach for my 20th High School Reunion. It was a fun party. I got to see and talk to a lot of people I hadn't seen in years. I wish it was longer. It felt like I needed more time to catch up with some people and there were old friends I didn't get a chance to talk to. Although, I did get to spend some quality time with a few good friends. Nicole who I have known since elementary school and Michelle who is always fun to reunite with.
Me and Coey. Love her.

All Jennifers in this Picture. We all graduated High School together.
We spent the rest of our Florida vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's house and went to the pool and the beach. Outdoor fun in the sun!
Alice having fun in the sand at the beach. Her first ocean beach experience.

Miles helping Grandma pick her prize pineapple.

The rest of our summer has been filled with spending as much time outside as possible. In North Dakota you need to soak up every minute of sunshine and warm weather because it doesn't last long. One of the things I realize I took for granted growing up in Florida. We have been going to the library a lot too and discovering new books. Although we have a ton of books in our home library, it is always fun to check out the different ones they have there.
We have been seeing lots of friend this summer too. We went to Fargo to celebrate our friend Justine's birthday. All our friends were there and we were excited to see how big Malory is getting. Before the party the Moms went garage sale shopping while the Dads took care of the little ones.
Alice and me with Malory and Justine. We couldn't get Alice to get her finger out of her nose.

After the birthday party we met up with out friends the Chouinards and went to a Red Hawks game. Aaron says "no more snow cones!" for the kids! WHAT! Ok, we will see if he can enforce that. Apparently Alice held on to her flavored ice chunk and it dripped all over his lap getting everyone all sticky. Well isn't that what baseball games are all about?

The next day the Chouinards stopped in Jamestown on their way back to Bismarck. We showed them the fun at the Buffalo and Frontier Village.
Matt, Michelle, Madeline, and Max

Hey Miles, let's roll down this hill!

We decided not to start preschool with Miles just yet. We thought we would give him another year to mature a little more. Since I have half days with him I am going to start working with him more on learning activities. I subscribed to the ABC Mouse program for a year. If anyone has experience with that let me know how you like it, or any other program.

Family at the Buffalo, we have been there lots this summer.
Labor Day weekend we visited Grandpa Sam and Nana at their farm. Aaron got in a dove hunt and we had 2 doves to grill for lunch appetizers. If you have never had a tender cooked dove, you need to, they are wonderful. (Jen also took in as much of the Simpsons Marathon as she could)
At the Buffalo with Grandpa Sam and Nana Linda
Alice eating fresh picked sweet corn at the farm.

 Aaron and I are also celebrated 7 years of marriage on September 2. I love this guy to the end of the earth.
Until next post, we all hope your summers have been just as fun.