Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The pink house that Dad has

I got an email today from the "What to Expect" parenting advice website. The subject was "Weird Toddler Behavior". Yes, my toddlers exhibit some weird behavior from time to time.

By the way, what is the technical definition of a toddler? The kids are 3 and 5 now. Is Miles no longer a toddler? Is it defined by when they grow out of the T size clothing.
Anyway, sometimes it isn't so much behavior, because weird is what describes most of their behavior. Like when they hide things in weird places then you find them. Miles hoards things in this one drawer in our coffee table. I'm sure he thinks it is his safe place, away from his sister. He hides his special Lego pieces and project that he doesn't want her to touch.

No it is sometime more of the weird things they say. This morning as I was driving the kids to their respective care Alice and I had this conversation:
A: "I want to move to a different house."
Me: "Why do you want to move?"
A: "Because our house is old."
Me: "Honey, our house isn't that old. And old things can still be nice."
Miles: "Yah, I like old things"
Me: "Where would you like to move to Alice?"
A: "To that pink house that our Dad has."

This is weird! Number 1) because Aaron and I live together in the same house; number 2) because she has mentioned this pink house several times. She will point out a pink house while we are driving in town (I have no idea the pink house she is referring to because I never see a pink house when she points it out). When she does point out this house she says, "that is the pink house that Dad has" and that she wants to go there.

Ok, I never know what to say. I have no other assumption to make besides her remembering a past life where her Dad in that life lived in a pink house. Unless, that is if Aaron has another house that I don't know about and he has taken Alice there.

At least they haven't said anything creepy to me like they want to see what my insides look like.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Camping at Storybook Land

Summer is in full swing and we are soaking it up. We went camping with our friends the Ottos. We went to Wylie Park in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It was super fun. We made Smores and cooked over the campfire. We cooked our breakfast in bacon grease and I made tortillas over the fire for the first time. 

Aberdeen has an amazing community pool. We went there but no photos because, well...water. Poor Alice fell asleep on the ride from the campground to the pool and I took her back to the campsite so she could nap. We'll we paid for it when she woke up. She was so upset that she missed the pool. I'll need to make it up to her again some time. 

There was a big storm on Saturday night and sleeping in a tent with strong winds, rain and a ton of lightening is quite frightening. Although the kids didn't seem phased by it. They slept right through it. 

Playing in the puddles
The grown-ups enjoying the campfire
Miles and Coralin with a Munchkin
kids on the train at Storybook Land 
Family going over the rainbow 
Alice on the.ice cream slide

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New school for the summer and celebrating 5

Miles has started attending the childcare at St. John's Academy in Jamestown. We had concerns with his old pre-school/child care and decided to move him. He will start the pre-K program at St. John's Academy in the fall. Even though Miles is turning 5 this July we have decided to wait another year before sending him to kindergarten. We have talked to a lot of people and teachers with experience with kids and they have all told us that they have never heard anyone regret waiting a year.
This was Father's day. We spent some time at the park and made brownies for Dad.
Some other exciting news! Miles is turning 5 which means the Jamestown Regional Medical Center is turning 5. For those that don't know, Miles was the last baby born at the old hospital in Jamestown. The day after he was born we were transported via ambulance to the new hospital. So Miles was the first baby resident on the OB floor at JRMC. They even put us on a billboard to advertise the Family Birth Place.
JRMC is using Miles in their advertising for their 5th anniversary
You can read part of our story on the JRMC website
Looking back through this blog, I don't think I ever posted Miles's birth story. I still vividly remember the details of that day and we have told the story many times. I'll write that up in another post.