Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Getting ready for the holidays

We are a busy family with little time to sit down. But we need to make sure the loved ones in our lives are up on what we are up to.
Miles and Alice both wanted to be Scooby-Doo for Halloween. (Miles is the taller one)
Aaron and I got the opportunity to attend an award ceremony at the Playboy Mansion!!! in Los Angeles. The Grato is right behind us.

Alice got her first hair cut on Monday. She sat so well for the stylist.

She has bangs, now she can see. Miles got his hair cut too.

I got a new hair cut too.
New layers

Miles finished up a swimming lesson session and I'm going to sign him up again in January. He is progressing, but not quite swimming without a flotation device yet. His swim instructor assures us he will get there.
Our cinnamon roll morning

I attended a Lamaze Childbirth Educator seminar in Madison last October and am working toward my Lamaze certification. I will take the certification exam in April, and right now I am building a curriculum and working some connections to see where I might be able to teach.
On my drive back to Jamestown I met up with my friend Melisa who was traveling through. We crossed paths at the wind turbine outside of Valley City.

Aaron is getting all the hunting in he can these days. I'm a little sad that I haven't been able to get out this year, but as it gets colder I'm more apt to forgo sitting out in the cold.
This is us on Halloween. I was a sparkler and Aaron was a Price is Right contestant.

Grandpa Sam and Nana Linda are coming for Thanksgiving and we are cooking a great meal to give thanks and celebrate.
Kids playing in the first snow of the year.

Some sad news, we lost Aaron's Grandmother Mary Lou early this month. We traveled to Kearney, Nebraska to attend the funeral and be with family. Grandma Lou has a large family and there were many people who came out to say goodbye and share stories of their fond memories of her. We will all miss her dearly.
Miles and cousin Carter playing in the snow outside the church where Grandma Lou's service was held.