Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alice turned 1!

Alice and her "Mini Mouse" train. Birthday present from Grandpa Sam.
We have had a big year of changes with our little Alice, who isn't so little anymore. She is loud and bold! I think Aaron will have his work cut out for him with this strong headed little girl. She has learned the word "no" and says "daddy," "mommy," and "ya" like a true North Dakotan.

Our first day with Alice.

The big one year old.
Grandma Kross came from Florida to the Luau
We had a big party to celebrate Alice's first year with friends, cake, bubbles and everything that makes a party a PARTY! Alice DOVE into her giant cupcake that our friend Karla made for her. A lot different than her brother's reaction on his first birthday.
Alice getting into the cake right away.
Miles was a little more timid about the experience.
Karla our cake baker. I can just hear Alice's thoughts in this picture. "Thanks for the cake Karla! Now I want to smear frosting all over your face!"
Alice's friend Sulli and her mom Courtney.
Daycare buddy Nora, Alice and her are about a month apart.
Emma, Ana, Murray and BUBBLES!
This is Alice's original party dress, she got into the spilled bubble solution and decided to taste it. Lots of fun until she got it in her eyes.
I am really happy that our kids have summer birthdays. Having a party in the back yard with water games is really the best way to entertain adults and kids.
Frosting kisses for Nana Linda!

Water table splash fun!

A perfect chair for twins!
I went on a road trip with the coffee girls to see our friends who moved to other states. This was a kid-less weekend and it was well needed. For Justine it was the first time she had been away from her little one over night. We all survived and had a great time!

We made it to Wisconsin! Madison here we come to see Lisa and Melisa.
The kids are growing. Miles will be 3 at the end of July. Although he has told me "I want to be 2 forever!" Haha...that kid.
Miles at 38.5 inches

Alice at 31 inches
We are enjoying our summer. We have had lots of rainy days, but those are getting fewer and fewer. Now we just have to deal with the windy days.
Very windy day at the reservoir. But the sun was out so we wanted to get outside.

Me and Alice.
Grandpa Sam and Nana Linda bought a farm near Chaseley, ND and we have been spending some of our weekends up there with them. We celebrated the 4th of July there and Miles and Nana shot off fireworks.

Grandpa Sam and Alice watching the fireworks. Notice how light it is...this is 9:00 pm up here in NoDak! Seriously you need blackout curtains in your room.
Grammie Julie came for a visit too. Our daycare provider took a vacation for a week and it was perfect timing for Grammie to come visit and take care of her grand kids while Aaron and I could work. Thank goodness for grandparents.

Grammie and Alice having a snack.
One of Grandpa Sam's projects on the farm is taking down an old barn. We went up there one weekend with our friends Andrew and Courtney and their little one Sulli to salvage some wood from the barn. Andrew and Courtney are building a house and plan on using it to make a bar. Aaron and I are going to panel a wall in our kitchen. We are going to use the opportunity to do a small kitchen makeover.
Aaron and Andrew in the loader bucket tearing off the wood.

Alice and Miles on the Power Wheels 4-wheeler at Grandpa's farm.

Hiking makes baby sleepy.
We are headed to Florida next week for a vacation and my 20th high school reunion. I've come a long way since 1994! We are also making a stop at Disney Hollywood Studios and the Disney World Resort "Art of Animation". I wanted to take Miles there for his 3rd birthday. Grandma Kross is coming to watch Alice while Aaron and Miles and I go to the park. I can't wait!
Miles is going to LOVE Disney!