Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello solids

We had some fun giving Miles his first taste of solids. He is 6 months old now and we are excited for this new step. Aaron made a brown rice cereal and mixed it with some breast milk. I can't say that he actually got any in his tummy, most of the food ended up on his lap. It was fun to watch him mouth the new texture. He gagged himself with the spoon a little bit, but he'll learn.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dad's metabolism

We went to the doctor on the 16th for Miles' 4-month check up. Even though he is 5 months old now. It is difficult to get an appointment with his primary doctor, Dr. Wells. Mostly because he is a good doctor and very popular (lots of people see him). Miles also needed to get his next series of vaccinations to protect him from all those nasty diseases out there. I am a little paranoid about pertussis (whooping cough), mostly because I watched this documentary and saw this poor little baby with pertussis who couldn't breathe because she was coughing so much. She got it from a relative before she was vaccinated for it. Scary, but I have been re-vaccinated for pertussis so I'm good. Aaron is another story.
I AM GROWING! Honest! Just at my own pace that's all.

So anyway, we saw Dr. Sorlie, who is a very nice person and good doctor, Miles really likes her. She was my back-up doctor for delivery when I had Miles, but she was also out of town when he was born (I'll relay the birth story in a later post). Well, they weighed Miles and discovered he is gaining weight but he dropped into the 3rd percentile for his weight and age. He isn't loosing weight, but he isn't gaining it very quickly either. However, realizing where he gets his genetic predisposition for inability to gain weight, I don't think I am too concerned yet. For goodness sake, look at his Dad!

Bones Sr. and Bones Jr.
So I've been doing some reading about breast milk and how I can increase the fat content of my milk. Essential Fatty Acids seem to be the key with a balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Eggs, almonds and olive oil are a good sources and the creme de la creme is flax seed and flax seed oil. So I've started to incorporate flax into my food everyday. I put flax seeds in my oatmeal, I take a flax seed oil supplement, and I even sprinkled ground flax seed on my pop corn and used olive oil instead of butter. I also read that supplementing with flax and primrose oils might help with his eczema issues.
Miles' first piece of mail, the Puddler from Ducks Unlimited. He's our little Green Wing

We will start introducing solid foods next month too, so that may help him put on a little more weight. I need to give Grammie Julie a call to see if she had similar issues when Aaron was a baby. Like father, like son...right! Let me know if you have any other tips to increase the potency of my breast milk.
Happy baby likes the idea of brown rice cereal and squash puree. Mom's learning some new recipes.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What a wonderful Christmas

Sorry for the late post about Christmas. We were just enjoying our time off between Christmas and the New Year and 2012 is turning out to be a busy year, I didn't have time to update. Christmas 2011 was the year we decided not to travel because of past experiences with planning on traveling and getting snowed in and stuck in North Dakota. Well, on the Thursday before Christmas Aaron looked at the weather forecast and saw that it was going to be really nice. So with no snow on the ground and none predicted for the week we decided to travel to Nebraska to visit with Aaron's family for the holiday and to introduce Miles to everyone.
We opened our presents before we left for Nebraska. Miles in his elf hat.

Miles got Mom and Dad a new French press, this one is steel so it won't break or crack.
What! A Sharpie! (was in the gift box from Grammie Julie)
Our first Christmas at home with Miles. We took this picture with the sweet mini camera tripod that Grandma Kross sent us
We stayed with Grandpa Sam and Nana Linda in Kearney, NE. As soon as they heard we were coming down, Nana Linda sprung into action and got their house ready for Christmas guests and Miles' first Christmas. Complete with stockings and a rotating Christmas tree. Fabulous!
Nana Linda had this hat waiting for us when we got to their house. She had to alter it a bit to fit Miles' head.

We got a chance to visit with Great Grandma Mary Lou first. It was nice to be able to sit with her and enjoy her company. Miles was so good for Grandma Lou, he was smiley and didn't fuss much. He did go through two diaper changes while we were there...something special for Grandma Lou :)
Hanging out with Great Grandma Lou

On Christmas eve we visited with the Marshall side of the family and Miles met his Great Grandma Irma. It was a fun night at the Ramada Inn, pool side. There was a wonderful food spread and the kids (and some adults) had a gingerbread man decorating contest. Brother and sister Grason and Reagen tied for best cookie. Good thing Aunt Linda had 2 prizes on hand. We finished the evening with by singing "Happy Birthday" to Grandma Irma and enjoying some birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Great Grandma Irma, wish I could have some of that birthday cake
 We also had fun introducing Miles to Aunt Carlos, she gave us a fun fold out picture book that we can customize with our family photos. It was wonderful catching up with all of Aaron's cousins. I didn't grow up with a large family and it is so wonderful to have this expanded one even if it is by marriage.
Aunt Carlos
Christmas day we woke up to the beautifully lit spinning Christmas tree and stockings stuffed with prizes. Even the dogs got gifts from Santa (Nana Linda and Grandpa Sam). Miles got a new camo outfit complete with a hat and 3 angry bird plush toys. He seemed to like the red one best. It was a relaxing, lounging Christmas morning watching Christmas Vacation then having waffles for breakfast.
Miles got some new Camo and some Angry Birds toys to play with.
Relaxing with Grandpa Sam on Christmas morning watching Christmas Vacation
 That evening we visited the Pearse family gathering. This party was even bigger than the one on Christmas eve. Nana Linda cooked a prime prime rib and everyone else brought something for the meal. Everyone wanted to hold Miles, so we played pass the baby for a while. He may have gotten enough of company by the time he got to Aunt Marsha. I felt bad because every time it was Marsha's turn to hold him he was fussy. Maybe we meet up again with Aunt Marsha in July (Cousin Matt and Sally's wedding) he will be in better spirits.
Part of the Pearse family

I think Grandpa Sam really enjoyed showing Miles off to his sister and all his brothers. The first grandchild is always an exciting event. There was a lot of activity and it was wonderful again to visit with all of Aaron's Pearse cousins and Aunts and Uncles. I always enjoy these family gatherings.
One last gift to open before we leave
Thanks for everything Nana Linda
We did make it home safely, a bright sunny day made the drive easy going. It was a wonderful time and we will have great memories of Miles' first Christmas in Nebraska. The year that it didn't snow on in North Dakota for Christmas.
We had to stop somewhere along the drive in NE or SD for the cows to cross the road.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sleigh ride

We got a little snow this week and on our day off for the New Year holiday the sun was shining. So we decided to get out to enjoy the day and try out the Christmas present we got from Grandma Kross (the grandma who lives in Florida). It is a little red baby sled with a cover to protect the baby from the wind and elements.
Aaron and I had fun pulling Miles behind us. We went on a path that had a couple of snow drifts and pulled Miles up and over them. It was a smooth and comfy ride for him. He even dosed off for a bit. We are looking forward to more snow fun as the winter goes on.