Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shaking up our routine

Well, the kids keep growing. That's what they do right? We had a bit of a shake up last week when our daycare closed down. She told us on Wednesday that we needed to find a place by Monday. VERY short notice, but that's life in the child care business I guess.
Warmer day in January we got outside to play in the snow.
Snow flower.
So we had to find new daycare which is always a chore and automatically trusting someone new with caring for your kid is nerve wrecking. Luckily, I have this great friend who has always given me great tips on finding daycare. She helped us find our previous provider too. We found a place for now for Alice, but I am exploring a few other places and keeping some options open if the current place doesn't work out. Bonus though, it is just one street over from us.

Miles on the other hand will start preschool early. We were planning on sending him in June, but with this development I called and luckily they have an opening now. So next week he starts at the Learning Center, going all day. I hope he can handle the transition. I think as parents we worry about that stuff, but kids are more resilient than we may give them credit for.
My pre-schooler
We had a wonderful weekend outside last week. The sun was shining melting off the last of the snow. We played outside pretty much all day on Sunday. Spring is here! We took down Christmas lights, set up the swings, cleaned up the back yard (i.e., picked up dog poop), and trimmed the dead flowers and raspberry bushes.
We got out to play this day in March, it was beautiful out. Alice rode her tricycle and didn't want to take her helmet off when she came inside. (Hayduke in the back there)

Dad and Alice taking a snooze after a fun day outside.

We watch YouTube videos every once in a while and we do have some favorites. The Muppets top the list. "Mahna mahna" is a big favorite but this one is quickly rising to the top. Alice is so funny, she says "I'm a bunny" in her best monster voice. I haven't been able to capture it on video, but I'll keep trying.
In February Aaron and I went to Mexico with some friends to get away from winter up here. Grandpa Sam and Nana Linda came up to watch the kids. It was 6 days of full throttle children for them. I think that was just enough time to bond and be exhausted by them.

Our time in Mexico was great. We loved spending time in the sunshine, salt and pool water, and at the swim up bar. 
Mexico! This was an eco-park we went to. It was amazing! We loved it!

They made us do silly poses with these birds. They seemed harmless enough.

We are anxiously awaiting spring. Although last weekend was beautiful, this week has been filled with random snow and cold. It has been hovering right around freezing temperatures. Arg!
This was March 14, the Running of the Green. It was a beautiful day. After this weekend, the weather turned on us.
We like to have fun together.
So here is hoping for warmer temperatures and lots of good walking weather. Until next time...