Saturday, March 17, 2012


Wow! This teething thing is hard work. How can one little tooth cause so much trouble? And how long will this go on? Well, Miles is cutting his first tooth. We first noticed it when we were on vacation in Texas. He got a fever and wouldn't sleep. It wasn't fun. He is still having symptoms and is drooling a lot. We have been giving him Advil and Tylenol on occasion to help. We also got these Hyland's teething tablets. They are a homeopathic medicine, I guess they work ok.
There is lots of drool involved in teething. The picture just doesn't capture it.
So we are doing our best to get through this next growing pain. We can feel the tooth when he chews on our fingers, it is like a little razor in there. Ouch! It reminds me of when Willow was a puppy and she would bite us with those sharp little puppy teeth. Teething looks like it is going to be a long bumpy road. I take solice in the thought that he won't remember the torture he is going through. I just hope the memory of the torture Mom and Dad went through fades too.
Smiles do happen during teething

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