Saturday, March 23, 2013

Where did the last two months go?

Holy Cow! We had a busy start to the year and turned around and the end of January was upon us. Let me apologize for the lack of updates. My work schedule changed and I don't have the Miles-free afternoons I used to. Not that I'm complaining, it's just hard to get on the computer when little fingers want to push buttons. 
Our back yard in January, there is a little more snow now.

March has been kind of rough so far. We are still getting snow. The one thing that I (Jen) love about winter is it is citrus season and we've been eating up the grapefruits, mandarins, and other oranges. Miles loves them too. New baby seems to like them too.
We have gotten out a few times to hike and play in the snow.

We made a trek down to Memphis at the end of January for the North American Duck Symposium. Memphis is one of my favorite places and we had a great time catching up with all of our duck colleagues and grad school friends. Miles came too and we introduced him to the duck community as well. Grandma Kross met us there and spent some quality time with Miles while Aaron and I attended the conference talks and discussions. The conference was at the famous Peabody Hotel where they have a small flock of ducks that they bring up and down the elevator and they hang out in the founten in the lobby all day. Grandma made sure Miles got his fill of duck viewing every day.
We got to see Amy!!!

Grandma and Miles on the roof of the Peabody where they take the ducks to roost at night. 

He liked it up there. It was a little cold but that didn't bother this ND kid.


Up on the roof of the Peabody over looking the Memphis skyline. I love Memphis!

Amy and Brian at the Duck Symposium banquet. Brian felt the need to point out the prego belly.
I think Aaron scares Amy sometimes.
 We had some trials during the travel. Miles and I got stuck in Fargo for a night on the way down due to an airline mix-up with my ticket. And, on the morning we were leaving Memphis, Miles fell in the bathroom and hit his head on the garbage can. It opened up, there was blood and crying and we had to take him to the emergency room to get stitches.  It was a little tramatic at first, but in the end it all worked out and now Miles has a tough guy scar.
"Guy Mommy" Amy (You'll have to ask) and Miles with his head gash waiting to get stitches at LaBonner Children's Hospital in Memphis.
Three stitches.
In February Miles and I went to Florida to visit Grandma and Grandpa Kross. We stayed at their new hose in Barefoot Bay, which is about 1 1/2 hours north of Boynton where they used to live. We had lots of fun in the sun. We went to the pool in the community and all the retired, suntanned ladies fawned over Miles. They love little kids. We played wet dog with Maggie (Grandma and Grandpa's yellow lab), went to the beach, chased the birds in the back yard, visited with Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Sue, and we even sneaked in a little Disney and had dinner with Pirate Goofy and Donald Duck. We also made it down to Boynton to visit with my friends Vicki and Kelly and went to the Lake Worth street painting festival. The finally was the Brevard  Zoo, where of course Miles fell asleep half way through. But that was ok, it gave the grown-ups a chance to enjoy the sand art sculptures with out Miles begging to play in the sand.
Playing "wet dog" with Maggie at her special beach.

Chasing the birds, the sandhill crane was quite perturbed.

On the boardwalk at Disney's Vero Beach Resort before dinner.

Grandma and Pirate Goofy

Goofy was cool

Miles really liked Donald's bill

At the beach

Picnic at the environmental education center in Vero

Dinner at Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Sue's

Riding on Grandpa's lap at the Zoo. I'm really not sure what they are pointing at.

The Kross family and sand art.

Let the kid nap, we will all be happier if he does. P.S. note we are both in shorts!

So, that has been our major adventures so far in 2113. The days are getting longer and we are anticipating seeing the ground and planting our garden in another month. We are also counting down until New Baby arrives. We have about 9 more weeks to wait. We don't know the gender, we had fun waiting to find out with Miles so we thought we'd do the same with this baby. New Baby is very active and is doing back flips and kicking me constantly. This has been a smooth pregnancy just like with Miles and we figure the challenges will begin when he/she gets here. We are also still debating names.

Hopefully it won't be so long before my next update. I'll try and schedule a time and stick to it. Take care and drop us a line anytime.

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  1. Love the duck photos with Miles! ADORABLE! You looks sooo cute preggers!