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Gosh, I didn't mean to go this long without posting. But here we are 9 months after Alice was born and I haven't found time to blog. Aaron is out of town this week in Denver for a conference for work. I am working on keeping things together here. Two kids can really take it out of you.

We have moved Miles to his own big bed downstairs. Although he doesn't like to spend all night there and prefers to sleep on a sleeping bag next to our bed. I'm not sure how long this will last, but our daycare provider says she still has to cuddle and lay with her daughter who is 18 to get her to go to sleep.
Look how sweet. Who would think he is the element of the waking you up in the middle of the night torture?

Alice is wearing a cranial remolding orthosis, medical speak for a helmet to fix her Plagiocephaly (flat head). We noticed her head getting a flat spot on one side around the 5 month mark and had her evaluated for the helmet. She has been wearing it since January and we have had 50% correction already. The orthosis technician says he is impressed with the results and we will remeasure her in another month and discuss how much longer she may need to wear it. She has adapted to it well, although there are some times when she doesn't want it put back on after a bath. She wears it pretty much all day and night. It has just become a part of life these days. I must say though, her head is becoming a nice symmetrical round shape.
Head getting rounder and more symmetrical.
With her helmet. She still looks cute.

Some things that have happened since Alice was born (and since my last post 8 months ago):
Miles turned 2
Barney Party!
We enjoyed a baseball game with our friends the Listopads.
It was hot that day, see how Alice is coping?
We rooted for the Gators!

Grammie Julie came for a visit.

Miles, Alice and I went to Florida for a visit and to say happy adventuring and congratulations to one of my good friends who moved to South Africa with her family.
Michelle, Vicki, Me and Alice and Natalie (She was the one who moved to South Africa). All great friends I have known for a long time.
Natalie and Nicole and me and Alice. It was a great celebration and lots of emotion.
Breast feeding moms! This was a such a fun moment between two friends who have known each other since elementary school. I love you Natalie!

We enjoyed the furlough. Aaron got furloughed from his government job in October so we got out and enjoyed his time off at a WPA (which they opened up due to public demand for hunting spots).

Alice started pulling up on things and standing. She is walking around the coffee table now and she will probably be walking on her own by 12 months.
She is always sticking out her tong.
We dressed up as the Scooby Doo Gang for Halloween. I just had to get this yarn wig for Alice and I need to find another excuse for her to wear it.
I just love this wig on her, she looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Shaggy, Freddy, Daphne and Velma

Miles decorating Halloween cookies with Uncle Luke when he and Grandpa Sam came for a visit right before Halloween.

Pumpkin carving
Miles and I got haircuts.
He had to sit on my lap or he wouldn't sit still.

We spent Christmas in Florida.
The Family, Aunt Sue, Uncle Bob, Grandma, Grandpa, me, Miles, Aaron and Alice

Grandma Kross, me and Alice
Finding treasures on the beach (a penny)
Playing wet dog with Maggie.

Aaron and Alice both came home with shiners

We saw Santa!
Our couple's get away in Vero for a night. It was nice to have some time to ourselves while Grandma and Grandpa looked after the kids.

Playing in the lake behind Grandma and Grandpa Kross's house. Watch out for the alligator (honestly I was really worried that an alligator would come up and snatch my kid, you know that happens in Florida)

We have some plans for traveling in April, but I can't say where just now. Aaron will be traveling for work again in April, so we will be on our own again for a week then. That trip will be the end of his travels for a while, so we can cruse into spring after that. We are really looking forward to the end of the snow and ice and having to wear our heavy coats. Things are melting so there seems to be an end in sight. We need to get outside and play on the play ground. But for now we will have to settle for splashing in the muddy puddles.

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