Saturday, November 8, 2014

Halloween Time!

I love Halloween! And now that I have kids, it is another reason to get excited. When I asked Miles what he wanted to be for Halloween he said a puppy. Then I asked him what Alice should be and he said a kitty. Well naturally. He also said that Mommy and Daddy should be a house. I didn't take his suggestion on that one.
Me and some friends for our Halloween night out!

Aaron carving a pumpkin! We roasted the seeds and they were delicious!
So off to work I go on a puppy costume. I think it is turned out great, but Miles didn't want to try it on at all before Halloween, so I wasn't sure he would wear it, especially the mask. But he was excited to put it on when the time came and he wore it like a champ! He didn't even want to take the mask off. He wore it all throghout the party we went to and trick-or-treating. 
Miles and Daddy making a Play-Doh monster at the Stepping Stones Halloween party
Me and my little kitty cat
Miles and Murray playing with the monsters
Daddy and Alice listening to stories (or is Daddy telling them?)
Nana and Grandpa Sam came to the party too
Last year I made the poor kid go trick-or-treating with a fever. I was so excited to go and wanted him to be excited about it too. But when we got to the end of the block he said he wanted to come home. I was a little more sensitive this year. It seems like we all have fighting a cold and it hit all of us the week after Halloween but we were all healthy enough to participate in all the festivities.

Ready to Trick-or-Treat with Ruby Red Riding Hood
Our kitty cat in the wagon

Hanging with our friend Lego Batman!
Look at all the candy I got!
We have had really nice fall weather here, but it got cold on Halloween and Miles again got to the end of the block and wanted to go home because he got cold. Alice hung in there a little longer and we made it to a few more houses before we headed home. Our friends Ruby and Murray (and their Mommies) came to trick-or-treat with us. We have a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating.
Brother and sister laying in the leaf pile
Yay leaves!

The Great Pumpkin visited our house and left prizes. "Frozen" puzzles for Miles and Minnie Mouse slippers for Alice. But Miles didn't like his puzzles, he wanted Mickey Mouse slippers (where the heck do I find those?). This took me by surprise because he loves puzzles and he loves the movie "Frozen". He said it "was for girls" which really dejected me. I didn't think he was at the stage where he would be making those gender distinctions. I am doing my best to not reinforce gender stereotypes in our house and I want him to be himself and like whatever makes him happy. But alas he has other influences in his life that I can't control. He goes to daycare with all girls and may feel the need to differentiate himself in certain ways. Who knows!

Early in the fall we took a trip to Pappa's Pumpkin Patch in Bismarck with our friends Janelle and Ruby. It was actually pretty warm out and the mosquitoes were bad! They were bad all summer here and Pappa's Pumpkin Patch is right along the river, so they bothered us a bit. But we had fun anyway.
Pappa's pumpkin patch in Bismarck, Alice peeking through the window.
Miles peeking through the window, don't get stuck!
Me and my little pumpkin
Miles wouldn't stand by the scare crow to get is picture, but Alice did.
You can drive Sis.
The day after Halloween we went to Bismarck again to see Disney Junior Live show. It was a lot of fun! Miles loved it and sang along with the Jake and the Neverland Pirates songs. Alice sat well at the beginning of the show. But as expected it got a little long for her after intermission and she got antsy and needed to get up and move.

We are staying in Jamestown for Thanksgiving and Grandpa Sam and Nana Linda are joining us for dinner. I love having Thanksgiving in our home. Mostly because I have an awesome recipe for green bean casserole and I get to make it and keep all the leftovers! We hope everyone is having a great fall and are able to get out and hunt some ducks or dear or pheasants or whatever you like to hunt. Aaron has taken Miles with him a couple of times, but we don't want him to get too cold out there. Until next time, the Kross-Pearse household.
Sully's Birthday party in August. The Moms and their one-year-olds. It is hard to get Alice to sit still for a photo.
Alice being silly with the dog bowl on her head. That is probably dirt from the garden on her face. She also likes to wear Miles' underwear on her head!

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