Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just keeps growing

4 months and almost 14 pounds
Miles has hit the 4 month mark and he is continually showing us new things he can do. He has moved up to the #2 size diapers and we have adjusted the snaps up one notch on his cloth diapers. One behavior that is a big deal for babies is rolling over from his tummy to his back. Miles has started doing that. Tummy time is paying off. He is also holding his head up high when he is on his tummy. He seems to like it a little more than when he was younger.

Another milestone is sitting up on his own. He isn't quite able to do that yet without our support, but we are expecting it any day now. Miles can grab on to our fingers and pull himself up to a sitting and standing position. Big stuff for our little guy, we love watching him grow. He had the hick-ups when I filmed this, so he wasn't in the best mood. He HATES the hick-ups.

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