Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Missing Miles

This week (Dec. 19-21) I am on a business trip to the DU headquarters in Memphis. Although I love visiting Memphis, I am missing Miles terribly. This is the first time I have been away from him so long...3days. When I left ND I felt like I was forgetting something. Miles comes with me/us pretty much everywhere we go these days. I do have a bunch of pictures with me that I keep looking at...I just can't help it. They are of Miles at various age stages and looking at them is helping me with my milk letdown. I am pumping while I'm away to make sure I protect my breast milk supply.
He looks so sweet here.
Go Gators!
Go Bulldogs!?!?

The wingspan

This is his "milk drunk" face, we just finished nursing.

The favorite puppy dog hat
Aaron is on Dad duty this week. He has Miles all to himself for 3 days. He is doing great so far. I am anxious to hear how the nights go. Miles has been waking up at 1am and 4am lately and I am the one who gets up with him to nurse and then get him back to sleep.

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