Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Growth Spurt

A month ago we had our "well baby checkup" and Miles got another round of vaccinations. Our Doctor was concerned that Miles was in the 1% for his weight. We have had concerns about this in previous visits, but really I'm still not too worried. We discussed this at my La Leche League meeting this week and the ladies agree that breast fed babies grow differently than those charts reflect. Our LLL leader said that breast fed babies grow in spurts rather than a steady curve and most of the weight guidelines are based on formula fed babies. And besides, my friend Stacey said, "some one has to be in the one percent." That's right! And I guess that is Miles.
Fun with Dad outside

Well, this week we went back to the Doctor to have him take another naked weight. And Miles has gained a pound and a half in a month! He now weighs 15lbs. 7oz.! So I think he was just saving up for this next growth spurt. We have also been chowing down on the solids. Our daycare provider is feeding him rice cereal and all the pureed veggies he can eat. We have also been feeding him lots of homemade purees at home. He can't seem to get enough. Broccoli, spinach, peas, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, ground rice, apple+pear, all zapped with our stick blender. We have these cube containers that we freeze his food in single serving portions. Well, he has been eating 2 or 3 of these cubes a night. Seems like a lot for a little guy, but if that is what he needs, then we'll feed it to him. We are still nursing, and just as much it seems.
Baby on the prairie. This is on Grandpa Sam's property in Fessenden. Dad is way off in the background.

Now about the other end! I have realized talking to other moms that poop is a common subject and not really shunned when discussed while eating or drinking coffee. How life changes. Miles' BMs have changed. They are much stinkier and more solid, but they look exactly like the food that goes in him. It is weird! It seems like his system isn't digesting the food fully. But, I'm sure he is still getting all the nutrients he needs from my breast milk. And I've heard this saying "food before one is just for fun" and we are certainly having fun with our food.
Happy baby can fly!

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  1. LOVE the pose on the prairie - gorgeous photo that I'd hang on my wall, and that's not even my baby!