Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter and a Florida vacation

We are welcoming spring to North Dakota. We have started making preparations to our garden and Aaron has already needed to mow the yard. I know that doesn't sound that crazy, but this time last year we were still buried in snow. One of the most exciting things is our raspberry bushes have started to sprout. I can't wait to make raspberry jam and special treats for Miles this summer.

Well, our Grandmas all sent us "My first Easter" packages. Nanna Linda sent us a new outfit and a fuzzy toy. Grammie Julie sent us an Easter bib and some candy for me and Aaron. And Grandma Kross sent us some money that we used to buy a new Grover toy and an outfit. Miles (and Aaron and I) is so grateful for all these gifts and that he has such loving family to think of him at Easter time. This is a year of firsts for him and we are celebrating each one.
Up up and away!

On Friday Miles and I are leaving for Florida to visit Grandma and Grandpa Kross. Miles is also going to get to meet his Uncle Rich and Aunt Gina and his cousins Ari and Will for the first time. We have Skyped with them but that doesn't make up for a real life meeting. Miles is also going to get to meet Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Sue for the first time too. We are excited! We are also going to visit with a bunch of my Florida friends. I can't wait to introduce Miles to everyone.

The trip to Florida means another plane ride. I have a feeling this time will be a little different than our first trip when we went to Texas. Miles is mobile now, he wants to crawl and he is pulling himself up on things, so it is probably going to be harder for him to sit still during the long plane ride. We also have the extra challenge of having to drive to Fargo (1.5 hours from Jamestown) for a flight that leaves at 7am. Ahhhhh!!! Why did I sign myself up for this? Well, if I learned anything from the first trip, it is if you expect the worst and you get a cooperative baby, then you are really relieved when it is all over. Can't wait to see everyone in Florida!

In case you're interested, here are our recent home improvements. 
Painting the living room

Our new floor and room color

The awesome railing

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  1. love the floors and the paint color! can't wait to see it in person!

    Have a fabulous trip!