Friday, August 24, 2012


Miles is ONE YEAR OLD!!! It has certainly been a year of changes for us and growing for Miles. Once we got past the first 6 months and he started sleeping through the night our lives have been easier and more fun. Not that we didn't treasure him from day one, but as a parent when you start to become less sleep deprived, life gets better.

So we had the big birthday party!! The celebrations started with the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa Kross who came all the way from Florida. They were so happy to see Miles and how much he had grown.The whole family went to Bismarck for a Roller Derby Bout. We saw the Bis-Man Bombshells play the A-salt Creek team from Wyoming. The Bombshellz didn't win, but it was an exciting match.
We love roller derby

Family Fun!

Go Bombshellz!!!

We spent some time seeing the sights around Jamestown (mostly Walmart). Grandma and Grandpa bought us a patio set for our anniversary. Aaron and I were really wondering why we haven't gotten one yet. Well, thanks so much Mom and Dad, we really love it and it has been great to have this summer.

We also took a trip to the Ronald Reagen Minuteman Missile command center in Cooperstown, ND. That was pretty neat. We learned a lot about the Cold War and how many missiles there are/were in North Dakota and how we are strategically located to launch missiles that can hit Russia. I'm glad we are done with that part of our history. Miles wanted to push all the buttons.
Don't shut the door on Grandpa

Low clearance

All is quiet up top
 And of course we played in the splash pool.
Grandma keeping her feet cool

Then the big day arrived, PARTY TIME!!!

We were so happy to have our friends over to celebrate. Thanks to everyone who came to the party. And thanks for the Birthday wishes from everyone who wanted to come but couldn't make it. We understand. We had a great time with all the alligator theme stuff that Mom (me) and Grandma put together. Lisa made a great alligator cake and Karla made a giant cupcake just for Miles. Our friend Lori made alligator masks for the kiddos. Lori and Mur-Man weren't able to come to the party, but we saved a mask and goody bag for them. Below are some of the highlights from the party. You can see more pictures from the party here.
Henry, Eiley, Gus and Miles fishing for gator food.

Goody boxes!

Lisa and the awesome cake she made
Miles contemplating the giant cupcake
Henry and Vivian showing him how to do it

The family
Getting the hang of it
I Love this cake Karla!!
Dad says "take a bite"

Dad getting into it too

Frosting kisses for everyone!

I Love Birthdays!

Fun toys to play with

Thanks again to every one who came and for the gifts and birthday wishes. We had such a great day and we are grateful to have so many wonderful people in Miles' life to help us celebrate.

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