Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Summer...

After Miles' birthday we had a visit from Grammie Julie. She came and had a full weekend with Miles all to herself while Aaron and I went on a bar hop and tubing trip with our friends. We had a blast and Grammie Julie did too. She took Miles to our friend Henry's Pirate birthday party at the park.When Aaron and I got back we took s trip up to the Frontier Village and had a picnic and saw the Bison. White Cloud (or one of the other white buffalo) was right near the fence so we got a good look at her.
Picnic with Grammie
We got really close to the white buffalo
Dakota Thunder, from the back side

We've had some other fun adventures. The family went camping for the first time with Miles. Our friends Max and Henry spent the night with us too, then Katrina and Vivian joined us the next day. It was fun for a bit, but we got rained on that night and we had to go into town for breakfast instead of having our campfire cooked eggs in a basket and bacon. As the day wore on, the bugs started to come out and the flies got really bad. Poor Hayduke was overrun by the biting flies. So we packed up and headed home to our nice soft and fly-free beds.
This is cool Mom, are we going to sleep in here?
Waiting out the rain in the truck.

Miles wasn't digging the second day
We went swimming at the Jamestown Reservoir for the first time in two years. We have had flooding the past few summers and the swim beach has been under water. We didn't want to miss out this year with the water being down. So one evening we packed a picnic dinner and went to the beach to get some sand in our toes, and our shoes, and everywhere else.
Miles with his swim diaper on his head. :)
Paddling around with Mom.

Snuggling with Dad after the swim
Wasn't that fun?
Our garden has been providing us with some pretty good eats this summer. Plus we've been getting fresh raspberries from our bush in the back yard. Miles and I love to go out and eat them right off the bush. We've discovered that Miles loves tomatoes. He is our good little eater. There really isn't much he doesn't like to eat. As I go through our photos I am finding that we have taken a bunch of him eating stuff. Mostly with it all over his face.

I love this one, eating cherries.
Summer is slipping into fall pretty quickly here in ND.We are gearing up for Halloween and hunting season. We've been out once on a hike/hunt with Dad and plan to have many more hunts this fall. I am working on Miles' Halloween costume. I am also planning a party for the kiddos and one for the adults this year. I'm excited! As I usually get for Halloween. Any menu suggestions? You are all invited to the party!

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