Thursday, October 18, 2012

What we've been learning

Miles is officially a toddler! He started walking at the end of August and has spent September and October perfecting the skill. We are just now getting used to seeing him walking. It is great.

Early September, he was just starting to get the hang of it.

He has been going up the stairs for a while now, and he is just learning how to go down. He slides down backwards with a little help from me to make sure he doesn't slide too quickly. Miles has also started to feed himself with a spoon/fork. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of keeping the food on the spoon before it gets to his mouth, but we are helping him with that.
What Mom? I'm not up to anything!

I have also had some changes to my work schedule. I am still working part time but I have switched from working 2 1/2 days a week to working everyday from 8:30-12:30. Then I pick Miles up from day care and we hang out the rest of the day. He is usually ready for a nap when I pick him up, so I have an hour or 2 on my own to take care of house stuff.
Hanging out with Mom.

Another funny thing he has been doing is carrying bags around the house. I won a pink purse at the Ladies Ducks Unlimited Banquet in Bismark a few weeks ago and he loves carrying it around. He picked it up at the banquet and was showing it off to all the ladies. Now he wants to just carry it around the house.
The pink bag. I love these pjs on him, they are so cute, but he will soon grow out of them.

Our friends Emily and Amanda at the Jamestown DU banquet.
 He has also learned a few more signs. He is doing apple, flower, cheese, gorilla (which is really funny) and bath (which looks a lot like gorilla). Oh, and the duck call. We gave Miles a duck call a few weeks ago and he is learning to blow it. Daddy is so proud. I'm sure he will be an expert by the time he is 5.
 Aaron was gone all last week on a hunting trip to Canada with Grandpa Sam. We had a short visit with Grandpa then he had to be on his way back home to Nebraska. But we had time to get in a good bedtime story.
Shopping while Dad was out of town. Miles loves Cheerios!

Grandpa Sam has scruffy kisses after a week of hunting in Canada.
So that is what we have been up to. We are prepping for Halloween, my favorite day of the year besides my birthday. I made Miles' costume this year and am rather proud of it. I'm also working on mine hoping I'll have enough time to finish it. I am planning a party for the kiddos with my friends Katrina and Lori. It will be a blast. I am also planning the annual adult costume bash at our house. Miles is going to the sitter for that one. Stay tuned for pics and details. 

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