Friday, November 16, 2012

Turning into Fall

Time keeps moving on and so do the seasons. We are having a fun fall and have already seen our share of snow. We had our first good snow the Saturday before Halloween. But it warmed up a bit so Halloween was actually a really pleasant night. We had a fun Halloween. Some friends and I threw a Halloween party for the kids and it was a blast. My friend Lori posted about it on her WOM-MOM blog.
Miles the little wolf
Miles at the Halloween party at the YMCA. Lots of fun Halloween stuff to do in Jamestown.

Ready for Trick-or-Treating
The Adult party, me and Aaron
Then I threw a party for the adults. I love seeing all the costumes my friends came up with. I think the best this year was Andrew who came as the Tin Man and his wife Justine as the Good Witch. Andrew's engineering background helped him create an AWESOME costume.
I can't believe this is the only picture I have of Andrew. Well, Justine got some good ones I'm sure.
Group shot at the Adult party!
 We have also gotten out to do some pheasant hunting. We just bundled Miles up and put him in the Kelty pack. Aaron carried Miles on this day and I carried the gun. We saw a couple of hens, but no roosters. Willow did great! She pointed both the hens we saw.
Miles and Dad, ready for a day in the field.
In the field

Miles tasting the snow
My parents sold their house in Boynton Beach, FL. It was the house me and my brother grew up in. It was kind of sad to know their won't be any Krosses living there anymore, but it was time for them to move on. As Mom/Grandma was cleaning out the house she came across a bunch of my childhood stuff. So of course a couple of big packages showed up at our door one day. In one of the boxes was this fun vintage Disney Land sweatshirt, that I can only assume was either mine or my brother's. It is really cute and it fits Miles just perfect.

Staying cozy warm in the new/old sweatshirt
Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. There are parades and breakfasts with Santa to go to. Our friend Murray is turning 3 and is having a Rocking party that we can't wait for. We also have our tickets to go to Colorado to visit with Grammie, Uncle Luke, Aunt Brandi and Cousin Carter for Christmas. We hope you all have fun activities too. Let us know if you want to join us.


  1. He is just precious. God bless you all. Happy Thanksgiving from Steve, Rhonda & Family

  2. I am thrilled to death that you are getting great use out of the Kelty backpack!! The wolf Halloween costume with you as Red Riding Hood is just adorable!

    1. Yep Stacey, it is a great thing to have to taking him in the field. That way we can do all our outdoor activities as a family. He really likes it too. He can keep an eye on the dogs. Thanks so much.