Thursday, February 9, 2012

Babies, babies, babies

I'll bet every new parent has this experience. People ask you who your baby looks like more when Mom and Dad were babies. Well, my Mom (Grandma Kross) sent me some pictures of me when I was a baby. We also had some of Aaron that Grammie Julie gave us a while back. Let the comparison begin. Who does Miles resemble more? I think it is me but you all can decide for yourselves. Aaron seems to look a lot like his Dad (Grandpa Sam) when he was a baby. But poor Miles didn't have a prayer in the hair department. Neither of us had very much as babes.
Aaron 6 months

Miles 6 months

Aaron 2.5 months

I think I have the same expression as Miles does sometimes in this one.

Baby Jennifer 10-11 months

Miles and his baby blues, 6 months

Jennifer 6 or 7 months. Check out that 70s style on Mom! She still wears the same type slippers.

We have another announcement in the family. Miles has a new cousin in Colorado. Aunt Brandi and Uncle Luke welcomed Carter H. Pearse into the world at the end of January. Congratulations you two!
Miles with Uncle Luke and Aunt Brandi and baby Carter still in Mommy's tummy.
In our opinion there is little doubt who this baby resembles. Although, we haven't seen baby pictures of Brandi yet.
Baby Carter 3 days old. Look at all that hair! Miles is jealous.

Just look at the brotherly love.
Aaron (3) and baby Luke (6 weeks) taken 1979, I'd say the resemblance to baby Carter is uncanny

Now Miles has another cousin in addition to his two cousins Arianna and William in Florida. There will be lots of opportunities to travel cross country to visit everyone, especially to Florida so Ari and Will can show Miles the best parts of Disney World.
Will with his Grammie Rhonda at Epcot Center in FL

Ari at Epcot Center in FL

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