Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grandmas always remember Valentine's day

We hope everyone had a fun Valentine's day. Mine was pretty special this year. I received tulips and lilacs from my Dad and Aaron gave me a bouquet of carnations and daisies (my favorite). Aaron also made a wonderful dinner and Miles actually let us sit down and eat it together. He made a leg of lamb with crispy smashed potatoes. So we made this day a special one for the family. I even got a card from my little Valentine, Miles.

We love to get packages on our door step and Miles got two this year from his Grandmothers. They always remember to send something special. Grandma Kross sent us a cute bib and some outfits for the seasons.
Our little Valentine.

Grammie Julie sent us a fun new teething toy and some chocolates for Mom and Dad.
Everything goes in the mouth these days.
Thanks for thinking of us Grandma Kross and Grammie Julie. Hope you both had a wonderful day too.

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