Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Christmas experiment

A few years ago I made a Christmas countdown calendar for Miles out of toilet paper rolls and put little prizes in each tube that he opened each day in December. Last year was a bit of a cluster with two kids wanting to punch open the tube and trying to get them to share was a bit of a fight.

So this year I made 2, one for Miles and one for Alice. I think they turned out rather nice and I found lots of little trinkets to put in the tubes. I believe this is the year for miniature. I found tons of miniature toys in the store perfect for this project. I remember struggling last year to find stuff to fit in the tubes. So this year they are getting a lot fewer Hershey's kisses and more trinket toys to aggravate Aaron!

In addition I have taken on a certain challenge to spread Christmas cheer in our household. It was spurred on by a Facebook post of a friend of mine who was dissing the "Elf on the Shelf" phenomenon. Now, I'm not into "Elf on the Shelf" but this particular friend decided to drag Beanie Babies into his argument and I just couldn't stand for that. So I have started a whimsical parade of Beanies that I think the kids are really going to have fun with.

It started with a mysterious present under the tree that showed up on December 1st. Miles, loving presents and surprises was immediately drawn to it.

"It doesn't have a name or anything on it!" he said. "Well it is a mystery I guess," I told him. All day and that night he was constantly asking me if he could open the present and when are we going to open the present. It really occupied his thoughts to the point of when he woke up this morning the first thing he said was, "can I open the present?"

Well....I told him, why don't you go check it out. This was his reaction (sorry the video is so dark, it was early in the morning)
We were awesome Christmas presents once, weren't we?

They played with the Beanie Babies all morning until it was time to go to school/work/day care. It was fun to see them so excited about these toys, even though they have seen and played with them before. Maybe I should just do that for Christmas this year, wrap up all the toys they have now and put them under the tree.
See how happy they are!

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