Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What a wonderful day for sleding!

Last weekend was a bit relaxing with some scattered fun activities. Aaron went up to "the farm" with a friend to hunt pheasants with our dog Willow. They were there pretty much all day. So I had the kids all to myself. I took them to my Saturday Coffee with the girls and they were somewhat well behaved. As long as the batteries for the iPod didn't run out.

Later that afternoon we went to do crafts at my friend Karla's house. I finally finished a wine cork wreath that I started last holiday season. (I still need to add a nice bow so it isn't completely finished)

The kids watched a movie and ate popcorn and candy in Scott and Karla's fine theater. After that they played with Mr. Scott's immense Lego collection! Alice found a tiny Lego pirate knife and dragged it across her face several times. She had 4 red scratches on her face! It took me a while to figure out what had happened. Her injury didn't seem to phase her. Silly kid!

Sunday was our fun day! It was a foggy morning but a great day for SLEDDING!

I had lunch with my wonderful Coffee girl friends and we celebrated Christmas with a secret Santa exchange. It was fabulous and everyone got such lovely gifts.
We are now getting ready for more snow and I need to get moving on our Christmas cards. So stay tuned to your mailbox for our yearly update.

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