Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well, there is nothing like having a baby to bring the visitors to town. In the past 3 months we have had lots of people come to town to meet Miles. First there was Grandma Kross (my mom). She arrived the day Miles was born. She was such a big help with taking care of the dogs, and helping with house work while all my attention was on baby. Next Grammie Julie came to visit 2 weeks after Miles arrived. She also helped with house work and watching baby at times when we needed her. These early visits were great, I just hope the Grandmothers didn't get too board. We really didn't do much besides sit around and try and keep Miles content and happy.
Grandma Kross with Miles, only a few hours old
Grammie Julie with Miles, about 2 weeks old

Next to visit was Grandpa Sam and Nanna Linda. They came baring gifts. One of which was a pedal push ATV type toy that Miles will eventually grow into.
Grandpa Sam and Miles, 5 weeks old

Nanna Linda and Miles, 5 weeks old

Some friends of mine from Florida sent us some cool Gator gear for Miles to wear on game day. Shortly after this visit Nanna Linda sent Miles some Husker gear. No one seems to want Miles to be a Gator fan.

Most recently (last week in October) Grandpa Sam came back to J-town for the annual duck hunting extravaganza. And he brought with him Uncle Luke and beautiful Aunt Brandi (Auntie B). They needed a crash course in parenting because they are expecting Miles' cousin in January. Well they got it, thanks Miles for breaking them in. Auntie B changed her first diaper and got really good at putting Miles to sleep.
Auntie B and Uncle Luke breaking out all the toys to play

Our photo shoot on the deck. The puppy dog hat is a gift from Auntie B and Uncle Luke.

We are excited to have more visitors over Thanksgiving. Grandma Kross is coming back to see how much Miles has grown. AND!! Grandpa Kross is coming to see Miles for the first time! We can't wait for him to meet his second grandson.

We love our visitors and welcome all our friends and family to come up and stay a while in ND. Choose your time of year wisely though. Grandma and Grandpa Kross from Florida may get a treat and see some snow when they get here. Whether they will be happy about that or not remains to be seen.

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